Use Facebook Live to Sell Clothes

Do you have a boutique or an online fashion store? You have probably seen people having fun and making money selling clothes on Facebook, and you are thinking of doing the same. However, you don’t know where to start.

Why You Should Start Selling Clothes on Facebook

You can take advantage of a platform with a huge audience. Facebook’s live video is an excellent choice due to its wide reach. The built-in support for payments makes it much more convenient for both you and your customers.

Live shopping, in particular is very popular because of the benefits it offers both the sellers and the customers.

For the seller, live video sales are great because they let you offer video content in an instant and enables you to connect to users in ways that normal online shops do not.

Live sales is a cost-effective video strategy.

Video is one of the most popular forms of content delivery online today. Producing video can be an expensive and time-consuming task, but live sales streaming is a very cost-effective strategy that is easy to do on a budget, and still provide engaging content. The expectations for Facebook Live videos are different from YouTube videos and don’t require fancy cameras, editing or much set design. It is more about how you connect with the audience, interact with them during the live, and offer good products that give value to your followers.

Live sales creates hype and excitement around selling.

The live video format means that you are offering a limited opportunity window for customers to interact and purchase a product(s). There is a strong psychological marketing ploy at play here. Limited time selling windows encourage customers to purchase during the live. The very format of the live sale acts on the human impulse to avail of something before it’s over or before the product runs out of stock.

Live sales keeps you top of mind.

Video content is proven to be more appealing and easier for people to take in. Viewers tend to remember video content better than any other medium. Facebook Live videos are watched longer than regular videos.

Live Shopping Benefits for Viewers

For viewers, this type of online shopping is called live shopping. It had many benefits for customers, especially during the pandemic when most people could not shop in physical stores.

1. Live shopping makes it easy for people to buy online.

When shopping online, customers traditionally just use the website and put the purchase. There is an appeal in the simplicity of this process, but at the same time, they lose the ability to interact with the seller. In brick and mortar shops, having a salesperson changes the experience in a huge way for the shopper, allowing them to get assistance in finding the right size, right design and or colour, getting a shoe in a different colour, etc.

Online shopping loses this customer service aspect, but live sales bring that back into the equation. In many ways, live sales are like marketing and customer service rolled into one.

2. Live shopping provides instant answers.

Customers can abandon an online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their query and or doubt about a product. Customers prefers to have the questions answered by a live person as and when they ask. It is interactive and reassuring.

Most sellers are making use of Facebook Groups to create communities and amass followers for their brand. They then hold regular live sales events on these groups. It is a very effective technique and easy to start.

Create a public group on Facebook with your branding and invite people to join. As you host more events, word of mouth will spread and you will get more followers looking to participate in your live sales. You can also join other Buy and Sell groups that allow sellers to go live.

3. Setting Up a Facebook Clothes Shop

Before doing your live sale, you should prepare the products you will be selling. You must have the actual product(s) or samples on hand. Clothing and apparel are very popular for live sales, and you can get started once you have them ready.

Assign numbers to the products. This helps you keep track of the order of the items as you go through them during the live. It also makes it easier for customers to buy. It is similar to how auction houses prepare lots for the customers. You can prepare notes and an outline as well so you don’t get lost during the live because it can be daunting some times especially when you have a lot of queries about the products.

Things to highlight when selling clothes on Facebook Live:

  • Colour and size of the clothes available or on sale
  • Availability of stock
  • Shipping costs
  • Styles available

Using ‘Be.Live’ to Sell Clothes on Facebook

You can also use a third-party tool that lets you go live on Facebook, such as Be.Live. Be.Live makes it easy to showcase your products in a beautiful way with its Live Sales feature. More importantly, you can drive traffic to the sales page easily by sending the link in the comments every time a product is shown on screen.

Other Things to Consider When Selling Clothes on Facebook

Most clothing products are good for Facebook live sales, but there are a few things to take note of. You should be honest in the presentation of the products. The presentation should not be overly sexualized, especially for items like lingerie and underwear.


In a nutshell, selling clothes on Facebook is the perfect way to recreate the department store and boutique experience online. Unlike static online shops where you find pictures of the clothes at best, a live sale lets customers see the clothes and how they handle them in real-time.




Advisory/Consulting. At the forefront of the technology revolution, shaping and contributing to strategy and thought leadership of next generation technologies.

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Patrick Mutabazi

Patrick Mutabazi

Advisory/Consulting. At the forefront of the technology revolution, shaping and contributing to strategy and thought leadership of next generation technologies.

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