Inside sales refers to an emerging sales method which can be more efficient, more sustainable and even more profitable than traditional sales methods.

Definition of Inside Sales

Sales organisations/departments today are commonly organised in two groups, outside sales and inside sales. Outside salespeople are responsible for closing new business. Inside salespeople reach out to…

What are Biometrics?

Biometrics is the measurement and analysis of someone’s unique physical and behavioural characteristics. This technology is used for identification (figuring out who someone is) and authentication (identifying if someone is who they say they are). …

Do you have a boutique or an online fashion store? You have probably seen people having fun and making money selling clothes on Facebook, and you are thinking of doing the same. However, you don’t know where to start.

Why You Should Start Selling Clothes on Facebook

You can take advantage of a platform with a huge audience…

We live in an age where corporate data breaches occur with worrying frequency resulting in costly damage control and a loss of trust from clients.

What is a “Secret” in the technology world?

Simply put, a secret is a digital authentication credential.
Non-human privileged credentials are often called “secrets” and refer to a private piece of information that acts…

Have you already applied for access? Or are you applying for the first time?

Optimise Your Account Before Applying for LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn launched the ability to go live in 2019. Since then, the application has undergone many iterations. Live video influencers with a huge audience got the first access.

The principles of getting approved are still the…

Smartphones are one of the most innovative evolutionary gadgets ever designed and made but, unfortunately the innovators have failed to make them the safest.

Given their overall popularity, usefulness and the tremendous amount of personal information that we store on our smartphones, they have become a favoured target for opportunistic…

Patrick Mutabazi

Advisory/Consulting. At the forefront of the technology revolution, shaping and contributing to strategy and thought leadership of next generation technologies.

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